Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Push Yourself


here's the thing! i really want to move out from our current house because i need bigger space, new aura, new environment that suitable for my kids to grow up. it is just we need to push my self that i hope i can do it.

it is not about this house is small. i just want a better improvement. i need to upgrade myself to a better individual. i cannot stuck forever to this wife-stay at home-thingy. i pay my own bills, i pay our livina even it is not my name on the paper, i do admit im not really helpful in daily expenses but i ready to commit for new space.

May Allah grant my du'a and hope my husband is willing to take few big steps. May our business expand and our cash flow is better time by time. Aamiin.

Allah, let's my dreams come true. even though it is just another rent house that we looking for, but ease our journey ya Allah. i want it. i need it. hope my husband understand me as well i understand him.


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